Alexandria Express Route Schedule


EFFECTIVE March 1st, 2018 there will be a new fixed route click HERE for the new Schedule.

 ROUTE 1                             ROUTE 2    Route 3
 Grand Arbor South  9:50 am    Rons Warehouse   9:30 am       Sanford Clinic 10:00 am      
 Grand Arbor  9:54 am    Trumm Drug         9:36 am        Cub Foods 10:10 am
 Walmart  10:00 am   Viking Towers 9:40 am Viking Plaza 10:15 am
Alex Clinic  10:10 am   Bethel 1 9:45 am Alex Clinic 10:20 am

Routes will run Monday – Friday and repeat every half hour, see the full schedule for end times.


Cost is only $1 per ride to any fixed route stop.